Web Conferencing:
Summary of Services

WebEx Service

WebEx is a leader in real-time communications for Web meetings. WebEx provides a wide range of real-time multimedia business communication services that result in increased productivity and dramatic, immediate cost savings. WebEx services enable end-users to share content and applications spontaneously in a seamless environment with integrated audio and video. Our comprehensively functional platform enables services with features such as real-time sharing of applications, presentations of documents, as well as Web co-browsing, live chat, record and playback, remote control, and file transfer. These services are delivered using our global network and scalable platform, ensuring predictability, reliability, as well as security.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting Service

Live Meeting is a Web conferencing environment that can be optioned for small collaborative groups (Meeting Places) or few-to-many presentations (Auditorium Places). Live Meeting incorporates annotation tools that can be used to emphasize and highlight points. Utilizing the LiveDemo feature, desktop applications can be viewed real-time by participants, great for demonstrating software. Impromptu polling questions can be created for participants to respond to that can help guide the presentation. Live Meeting allows for multiple presentations that can be delivered in the same session.

Web Streaming

This webcasting service allows for a variety of streaming applications including audio, video, and PowerPoint presentations for delivery to small to large groups. The Akamai service can also be archived for viewing at each participants desired time.

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