Video Conferencing:
Summary of Services

Our Multipoint Video Service (MVS) supports a variety of transmission speeds with H.320 standards compliant video equipment. Through Teleconferencing Services' multipoint platform, customers can access sites that use different network transport providers such as AT&T, MCI and Sprint.

We also support the BONDING 1 mode of inverse mutiplexers and can accommodate virtually all types of network access. BRI, PRI, and digital switched access. Teleconferencing Services offers three Multipoint Video Services (MVS) options:

Basic Services
Participants dial in to a pre-configured MCU at the time of the conference. Participants that arrive first will see themselves until a second site is connected. Sites can interact as they become connected. If assistance is required, call our Technical Help Desk or Video Reservations Center.

Enhanced Services
A Teleconferencing Services coordinator will be available to assist with the conference. A Teleconferencing Services coordinator will be able to greet participants, assure proper connections, and provide assistance as needed. A roll call can also be conducted at the customer's request.

Premium Services
Teleconferencing Services Premium MVS includes Continuous Presence and Universal Conference Control (UCC). Continuous Presence allows conference participants to see up to four other locations simultaneously on the receive monitor of their video conferencing system. Universal Conference Control allows one conference participant to control the MCU via a PC with modem and our UCC software.

Video services provided by Teleconferencing Services are priced on a per-minute location basis with no monthly service charges.

Enhanced features and support services:

Full service video conferencing packages typically include:

Other services available to full service customers include:

Conference Reservation Services
Teleconferencing Services, LLC's conference reservation service provides booking of all resources required to hold a videoconference, whether it be a point-to-point conference or one including several sites. Resources are reserved, conflicts resolved, billing information collected, and confirmations sent to all participants designated by the host. The service also provides public video room location services.

The service includes:

Standard Teleconferencing Services video reservation services are available during regular hours from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (CT), Monday through Friday, excluding Teleconferencing Services holidays, for both point-to-point and multi-point video calls. Extended hours are available for 7x24x365 coverage.

Service specifications for reservations include:

Multi-point Video Conferencing Services
Video conferencing from Teleconferencing Services provides multi-point videoconferences for anyone with video conferencing customer premise equipment. The service provides conference scheduling, conference bridge reservation, videoconference establishment made with Meet-Me (customer-dialed) and call-launched (service dialed) connections. Multi-point service features include:

Call Launching
Point-to-Point Call Launching Service includes launching of point-to-point calls from the most appropriate CPE end using the IMUX. All attempts will be made to launch the call from the CPE end. If this is not possible, policy will be set with the customer to talk the user through launching the call, or launch the point-to-point call using a bridge. The bridged method may incur additional costs.

Comprehensive Customer Care
Customer Care Advocate
Proactive customer care is a key feature of our video conferencing services. Your company's designated customer care advocate is responsible for proactively monitoring and managing your company's video conferencing service. These services include:

Teleconferencing Services provides customer video help desk and customer care services during regular hours from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (CT), Monday through Friday, excluding Teleconferencing Services holidays. Extended hour coverage is available on request up to 7x24x365 coverage.

Video Conference Support Services
Teleconferencing Services provides video conference support services on a 7x24x365 basis for scheduled video conferences. Video conference support service includes, as required:

Room Aids and Service Introduction
Service introduction, coordination and support includes providing video room aids such as table tents, informational signs, and schedule holders. The service will also develop materials to distribute to the customer's video user community advertising the video services.

Video Training
Video training, coordination and support includes working with key customer personnel to determine appropriate training requirements, identify target audiences, set training schedules for the delivery of your company and vendor video training courses, and work with appropriate parties to design (if needed), develop, and carry out custom video training initiative(s).

Room Management
Room management services include:

Internal Marketing Coordination and Support
Teleconferencing Services video conferencing reservations and meeting facilities management service will provide your company a single vendor point of contact for reservations coordination and system maintenance. By streamlining the process and maximizing resources, this cost effective service will allow your company to protect their investment in video conferencing.

The Teleconferencing Services dedicated Account Team will visit each operating center, as needed, to introduce and promote their video conferencing services. At this time, they will meet with key individuals to gather pertinent customer information. Customers should provide Teleconferencing Services with a database/list of their key contact personnel at each location.

Teleconferencing Services extends an invitation to your key personnel to come and take an on-site tour of our facilities where they can see the entire operation firsthand.

Internal marketing support includes, but is not limited to:

Benefits of having all rooms use Teleconferencing Services:

Additional Services
Room Management Service:

Multi-Point Video Conferencing Services:

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